New covers of ‘An ember in the ashes’ series

Recently the new covers of ‘An ember in the ashes’ came out. I haven’t read the books but I felt proud and represented seeing people of my skin color on the covers as hero of a famouse novel, especially after the incidents of Charlottesville. 
We need to spread love, kindness and keep up with the name with which we have seperated ourselves from other living beings- Humans, and show humanity rather than spreading hatred on any basis be it skin color, relegion, beliefs, culture, sexuality or any thing which can divide us. No one can live peacefully if the society is divided, nor the attakers or oppressors- trying to think of ways to oppress; and neither the victims- always living in fear. In such a society it is only natural that even people not attacking or being at the receiving end won’t be able to live in peace if the world, which should be a family as a whole, is dividing and fighting. There are differences or should I say ‘diversity’ in every society, in the world, but it is not important for these differences to become divisions! 

Never before the incident of Charlottesville had I actually felt the need of representation in books but now I understand why it is important. Books, articles and media as a whole play a great role in shaping people’s mindset about the diversities in the world and see them as a blessing, to know so many different cultures, rather than a burden trying to ‘pollute’ the existence of a single community.

I appreciate this step by Sabaa Tahir and feel loved and cared for that I and people like me also have a stand in this world where even the existence of humanity is in question now. To be honest, these cobers are okayish and better covers could’ve been made WITH PoC representation but the step us worth appreciation and means a lot.Many people may not like the covers but it is important to people like me and cAn make a difference.

Here are the new covers and I think I know what my next read is going to be:

Tell me your opinions on the new covers? On this step taken by Sabaa Tahir? What do you think of them?

Midnight Castle- Book Review

Book name: Midnight Castle- A Souls of Darkness Novel

Author: Prem K. Kaur

Genre: YA paranormal  romance

Standalone/Series: Series- 1st Book

Publishing Date: April 30th 2017

My Rating: 


A sibling is a like a rock, the calm behind the shore; little did I know mine would crash like a wave…

Robyn Garrison lived in remorse, in guilt – until the day she got to rectify herself, until the day she finally found out her sister was still alive and breathing. 

She needed one thing only, and that was to free her sister from vampires. So she set off, into the Castle, into the hell she never anticipated she would set foot in. But it would be a breeze! That thought was the only mistake Robyn made. 

Her job of searching for her sister would place Robyn in the midst of blood-sucking creatures and passages with cryptic clues that never ended. Even if the search didn’t finally destroy Robyn, succumbing to Dante Ivanov’s – a mortal born to protect the vampires – deadly looks, just may. 

His bron wavy locks, captivating eyes, and rippled muscles are the only thing that keeps Robyn going. Too bad they don’t get along! 

But Robyn needs her focus, because no matter how captivating and gorgeous Dante may seem, her motive is way beyond him. Each vampire is deadlier than the other, and Robyn soon realizes she would need her wits to find her sister. Or die trying…


My Review

I really loved the book a lot and after completing it, my heart craved for more and I can’t wait for the next book in the series to come out to answer all the questions in my mind.

The plot of the book is that a sister wants to save her twin, when she comes to know she is alive after 2 years, for which she would even cross the ocean but actually has to go in the world of vampires and complete her task amidst more than a hundred vampires.

This book has vampires but not in the way other books do, like roaming freely and destroying human kind. The idea in which the ‘world’ of vampires was portrayed in this book was really very unique and I liked it a lot.

I loved the writing style of the author. Whenever Robyn said something stupid it followed with an exclamation like ‘shit’, ‘What!’ etc. and similarly for her other actions as well which I enjoyed a lot.

We get to hear from Robyn’s perspective, who is the protagonist, only, but all the characters and side characters are also very well portrayed and you get to know them all very well.

I got another fictional boyfriend- Dante Ivanov, who is the best and he is just perfect. I love Dante so so soo much. No one can’t not love him!

Robyn and Dante seem to be made for each other with their small fights and private moments of love. I always looked forward to their moments and it felt that I couldn’t get enough of both of them.

Another character I loved is Joy. Besides being a vampire she is outgoing and remains cheerful and I really felt sad for her.

The concept of seekers is a new one for me and I totally agree with Robyn about them being stupid.

Humorous and Passionate moments were very well balanced. It was a thrilling read as well. You never know what is going to happen next and I was hoping with all my might for the book to not end the way it did.

The book ended in a cliffhanger and I really want more of it!

If you don’t like reading romance or dystopian(it wasn’t that unpleasant though) novels then this book won’t be of your taste but if you do then just grab a copy of it and start reading it if you haven’t already!

This book was a perfect mixture of adventure, thrill, romance, dystopia, family love and what not. I loved it a lot and am sure you would too!

Mid Year Book Freakout Tag

I really want to do other things than just book reviews on my blog so I’ll be doing some tags *hoping I can stay true to my words*
I actually saw this tag on youtube on littlebookowl’s channel and si ce she had all the questions listed in the description I thought why not (I do most things in my life because ‘why not’, in case you are wondering)

So lets start:

Q1. Best book you’ve read so far in 2017

– This year I read quit a fEw books and I love ALL of them so I just can’t choose only one book, but I’ll go with a series and that is *DRUMROLL PLEASEE* the ACOTAR series!!! Now of you follow me on instagram (@book.always394) you already jnow this thanks to the million acowar posts I have made👅 This series is one of tHe best along with throne of glass series and all the charachters are juat loves of my mortal existence


Q2. Best sequel you’ve read so far in 2017

– ACOMAF.  That’s the sequel to acotar. I know I know ACOWAR came out and I LOVEE IT TOO but ACOMAF is still my favvvv because everything happens in it!  thegame changer! I have heard many people who didn’t like acotar but then they read acomaf and oh well, they fell from a cliff into the its sea of fandom *I am good at it right?*


Q3. New release you haven’t read yet but want to.

-There are SO MANY that I might have to do a seperate blog post! But I’ll list the top 3:

1. When dimple met Rishi

2. Strange the Dreamer

3.Flame in the mist

Q4. Most anticipted release of the second half of the year.

– TOWER OF DAWN!!! I love sarah j.maas and empire of storms killed me, tower of dawn is a chaol novel but still I have my hopes up y’all

Q5. Biggest disappointment.

-I didn’t had any disappointment as such. I literally loved all the books, bUt, I am currently reading 13 reasons why and honesty I don’t like it. The reasons listed in the book will sound lame to someone who does NOT want to commit suicide but a person already thinking of doing so will get emcouraged and may think of ‘creative’ reasons to do so. That’s why I think it promotes suicide and don’t like it.


 Q6. Biggest Surprise

-Midnight Children. I got an arc to review it and honestly I LOVED THE BOOK! Whatever I had exopcted from it,it wasn’t thAt!


Q7. Favorite new author (debut or new to you)

-SARH J.MAAS MY QUEEN!!!! I’ve read ALL her books and though I read and lived many other new books and series this year by various new authors, Sarah j.maas is my favvv

Q8. Newest fictional crush.

GANSEY. RONAN. ADAM. NOAH. BLUE (ik she is a girl but she is my girl). Here’s to my recemt obsession with the Raven cycle *cheers*


Q9. Newest favourite charachter

-Since I did it already in the previous question, I’ll go with the second last ones- KAZ BREKKER WHO IS HEARTBREKKER!!!! (Ps. Your gal read six of crows also and lOved it)


Q10. Book that made you cry

-Empire of storms. I have no idea just how many times I cried while reading it! It was like turning the page just to cry!

I’ll choose one more book and that is ‘All the bright places’. Thjs book wrecked me and if you haven’t read it then you toatlly should!!! Here is the link to my review.

Q11.Book that made you happy

-Empire of Storms.I loved this book alsi because of some particularbreasong (ps. Spoilers) also queen of shadows because of one particular scene🌚

I’ll choose one more book again and that is ‘The sun is also a star’. This book is an amazingly awesome contemporary and I juat loved it. Here is its review also.

012. Favourite book to film adaptation you saw this year

-The diary of a young girl. I saw it on youtube and have no idea when the movie was made but its pretty old. It was actually better than the book *go ahead, judge*

Q13. Favourite review you’ve written this year

All the bright places. I read the review I had written and couldn’t believe that I had written it, so yeah.

Q14. Most beautiful book you’ve bought so far this year(or received)


Q15. What books you need to read by the end of the year

– Finish the raven cycle

-Read an ember in the ashes series, all of my Q3 books, Illuminae series, the savage song, the lunar chronicles, I’ll give you the sun and if I keep on going then there is a never ending and always growing tbr🌚


Were any of the booka familiar to you, that you liked or disliked? I’d love to know your opinions😄

Also feel free to do this tag 🙂 I am not tagging anyone ’cause I don’t know many people in this book bloggong world but hope to know y’all :))

Blue Sargent Cosplay- The Raven Boys inspired

I am currently reading ‘Blue lily, lily blue’ which is the 3rd book is The Raven cycle and I LOVE THIS SERIES!!

Inspired by the female protagonist- Blue Sargent I did a photo shoot trying to cosplay her and I am pretty happy with the results too.

if you haven’t read the series then here is a brief description of the charachter:

BLUE SARGENT- She is one of the strongest female protagonist I have ever read about and she can be a really harsh feminist  if need be. she stands for herself. she is really quirky and sarcastic and her little jokes and amazing puns just add on to her already strong character  Her whole family is of phycis(the real ones) but she is an exception and doesn’t has this gift, instead she has an ability to make things stronger, as in energy kinda levels and makes it easier for phycis t see the future. honestly  she is my Hero and also if you haven’t read The Raven Cycle then GO READ IT NOWW!

Now for the cosplay, I put on a greyish off-shoulder top and left my hair open. I put some glitter on my hands and under my eyes as well and on one hand I made the sign of the ley lines (three curved lines forming a triangle). since I don’t know a thing about makeup I tried my best to put on so

me black eyeshadow along with winged eyeliner(and got them right after like the 100th try). I also put a white flower(since I couldn’t find a blue one) on my hair and clicked some pics.

Here are some of the results:














Review- The Sun Is Also A Star

Book name: The Sun is also a Star

Author: Nicola Yoon

Genre: Young Adult- Contemporary

Standalone/Series: Standalone

Publishing Date: 1 November 2016

My Rating: stars-510


Goodreads Summary:

Natasha: I’m a girl who believes in science and facts. Not fate. Not destiny. Or dreams that will never come true. I’m definitely not the kind of girl who meets a cute boy on a crowded New York City street and falls in love with him. Not when my family is twelve hours away from being deported to Jamaica. Falling in love with him won’t be my story.
Daniel: I’ve always been the good son, the good student, living up to my parents’ high expectations. Never the poet. Or the dreamer. But when I see her, I forget about all that. Something about Natasha makes me think that fate has something much more extraordinary in store—for both of us.
The Universe: Every moment in our lives has brought us to this single moment. A million futures lie before us. Which one will come true?


This book left me speechless and after completing it I just sat there staring at the wall, smiling, and wondering if everything is already written somewhere-what happened, what is happening, and what will happen. If there is actually IMG_20170128_193911_405 (1)something called destiny. This book made me want to believe in love and experience it. Nicola Yoon is definitely one of my favorite authors now and I am looking forward to reading ‘Everything Everything’ by her too. It was a really short read because it highlights the happenings of only the one day Natasha and Daniel meet and their lives change forever, and everything goes really fast.

I could strongly relate with the female protagonist of the story- Natasha. She is a science geek and doesn’t believe in philosophy or love and all, but Daniel (the male protagonist) made her. There is a line in the book that reads-

“I know there’s no such thing as meant-to-be, and yet here I am wondering if maybe I’ve been wrong.”

It makes you wonder the same thing as well!

Daniel is my bae. He is so outgoing and such a great dreamer. He is lovely, handsome, sexy, just everything. He wants to flow with the wind and see what life has in store for him. I seriously wonder why the perfect boys are found only in books?! I love him a lot and he is also one of my book boyfriends

Both the main characters have distinct voices and that is something I love about this book a lot. Their thoughts don’t mingle at all and it was such a tragically beautiful journey to see them get together. This book got my hopes high a lot but at the same time remained down to earth and bought everything back to reality and the world we are actually living in and I think this is what a contemporary is all about.

One very interesting thing about this book is that it tells a small history, fact or story about everything/every person they meet who made their day go the way it did. These small facts and stories were what I actually looked for in the whole book (give or take)._20170724_181948.JPG

There were so many quotes and lines in this book that left a never-ending impact on me. This book changed me, I don’t know in what way, all I know is that I am not the same person I was before reading it.

Initially I thought if this book was just so famous because of its beautiful and photogenic cover and believe me, I am ashamed of that thought. If you also have the same doubt then believe me, you’re wrong. If you love contemporary but are looking for something new or you want to try contemporary then this is book is a must read!

If my thoughts made you want to read the book then I was successful. Now when you’ve read the book then come back again for the book chat.20170724_181905.jpg


Perks of being a Walflower- Book Review

Book name: Perks of being a Wallflower

Author: Stephen Chbosky

Genre: Young Adult- Contemporary

Standalone/Series: Standalone

Publishing Date:  February 1st 1999

My Rating:



My ReviewIMG_20170327_201347_438

This book is a compilation of letters to an anonymous person from a boy named Charlie and it is set in the 1990’s. I have a thing for diaries and journals and letters and so this book was really appealing to me. The letters were combined in a very nice way which made sense. At times I felt as if the letters were directed to me. As if the person-Charlie, was writing those letters to me, talking to me, about his life. I got a strange positive feeling while reading this book which I can’t express in words.

The protagonist and the narrator, or writer of the letters, – Charlie, is the sweetest character I’ve met (in a book of course). He is so genuine and observant and what you can call a good person, an actual good person. He is referred to as a wallflower, who observes everything going around him and tries to know the meaning of life without even knowing it.


The narration is excellent. We come to know about all the people in his life who have affected him in the past and are shaping his present. This book portrays Charlie’s journey through high school and all the problems children face during that time and how they cope up with them, make friends and how the time spent in high school is the best time of one’s life which is relished throughout life.

This book also talks about some serious issues seen from the eyes of an innocent boy. The language was really very easy. If you are just starting to read then this book can prove to be the one to get you into reading, and if you are already in love with the habit of reading, then this book has the power to make you fall for reading again and with more intensity. Also if you want to know what happens in high school or are going through hard time, this book can show you the positive side of life and give you hope that you’ll find a way out. Coincidentally, I was having a bad time and I read books when life seems tough, so I picked this book not knowing anything about it and now that I have finished it, I feel happy and not alone.


If you have read this book then what was your favorite scene?

*SPOILER AHEAD* Mine was when Bill tells Charlie that he is special. After reading that scene I thought if anyone had called me special or something like that ever, but unfortunately for me the answer was no. I just hope someone says that I am special too someday. 

All the Bright Places-Book Review

Book name: All the bright Places

Author: Jennifer Niven

Genre: Young Adult- Contemporary

Standalone/Series: Standalone

Publishing Date: 1 November 2016

My Rating:
Image result for 5 stars gif                                               


I read this book at the beginning of the year and it’s really very hard to express what I feel about this book and the place it has in my heart, to put it all into words BUT I’LL TRY

giphy (1)

It revolves around 2 main characters- Violet Markey and Theodore Finch. Both of them are seeing counselors for different reason. Violet’s sister and soul mate had died in a car accident and Finch is suffering from Depression and suicidal thoughts.

This book deals with some very serious issues like suicide and depression and the lesson you get from it is that taking one’s life is a very easy but the tough part is coping with the problems and living.

This book is from dual prospective and we get to hear from both Violet and Finch and both of them have so distinct thoughts, their journeys are completely different and so are their endings.loveloveloveit

All of it felt so real and genuine, every bit of it, it felt as if it was coming from the author’s heart and in the end I came to know that it really was. Jennifer Niven had also lost someone very dear to her, and I don’t even want imagine how difficult it would have been for her to write this book and this book has soo many heartbreaking moments, that it will move even the hardest of hearts.

I didn’t want to finish the book, I just couldn’t bring myself to read any further because my heart knew that something very bad was going to happen which would crush my heart into pieces, but still I read it, and if you also get the same feeling while reading it, then don’t stop, Finish it and read it until the end!


I really liked both of the main characters, but finch was my favorite. He is so cute, adorable, funny and just everything that the besetestt boy on earth would be, except that he suffers from a mental illness. He is one of my fictional boyfriends and I always looked forward to his chapters. Here’s a very interesting fact about Finch- He sometimes becomes a different version of himself. He is the same finch inside but he acts differently, dresses differently, speaks differently and does things differently. But I loved all his versions, he is just soooo amazing!giphy (2)

And as for violet, I could relate to her. Not completely, but I could. She is a type of girl, who has friends, but still doesn’t. Who is a part of ‘group’ but still feels alone. And then to take her loneliness and cold, comes finch like an angel and brings brightness and spring in her life.

“No more winter at all. Finch, you brought me spring.”

The side characters in the book were also very well portrayed throughout the book. They did not just exist, but had their views and the parents also interfered in their children’s life. In most books the parents are just there but they don’t have a say but in this book they did and that is one of the reasons why it felt so real.

WARNING: this book will break your heart and it will not be able to heal. Ever again! You’ll cry and believe me it will be worth it. Just read it until the very end and it will stay with you always!giphy

Apart from the heart wrenching moments there were many positive parts as well and one of them was of exploration- travel to strange places near you, explore them, document your experience and leave something behind. But the places they visited were not where usually people go on weekends. They were different and a bit quirky and that made me realize that I haven’t explored anything around me. It made me feel that I am so limited and that I need to take a look at things around me, not the big ones, but the small ones!

I recommend this book to EVERYONE because this book will change you and you need that change of perception, how you see things. Everyone in this world is soo judgmental that we don’t show our real self to people, in fear of being judged and being given ‘tags’. We say that the people who commit suicide are cowards, but taking one’s life may be the hardest thing one can do! Is suicide actually suicide by one’s own will or murder by the society?! This book was soo deep and it has the power to change the world and make it a better place to live in!


Just GOOO and read it if you haven’t already! And if you have read it then what change did it bring in you? What life lesson did you learn from it? And last but not the least, Do you like reading cry worthy books even when you know they will break your heart?